Integration with WooCommerce

Just a quick one really,

Is there a way to integrate Quick File with Woo Commerce the shopping cart?

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really, it will be very helpful if there is an integration between Quick File and Woo Commerce

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Does WooCommerce directly collect and process payments from your clients? Or do they act purely as a shopping cart and link inturn to other payment providers?

I just want to get an idea of what type of integration you’re looking for?

For me, it would be nice if notification of the customer and their details we fed into the system, and certainly a record of the sale. What was sold and how much for.
WooCommerce has an excellent inventory management system, which if Quickfile were able to capitalise on it could also lead to ways to arrange for ordering of new stock and arranging payment of suppliers.

Otherwise as it stands each sale has to be entered onto Quick file, which defeats the purpose of automation :slight_smile:

It looks like this will need to work on a PUSH basis from WooCommerce rather than being pulled from QuickFile. We already have an API for creating new sales invoices, clients and assigning payments, so I would imagine this data would be pushed in at the point of sale via our API.

Rather than develop complex integration for a long-tail of different systems we’re now looking at simply integrating with Zapier (see thread here). I already see that WooCommerce are connected to Zappier so this would act as a suitable bridge.

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I’ll take a look Glenn and thanks. Between Woocommerce and quick file, its saving me a heap of work so good to get them talking
Perhaps if there is a plugin we can install it can push invoices etc through

Is QF now connected to Zapier so I can create customer sales records from Woocommerce ?

Thumbs UP! We use WC integrated on site payments and a combo with QF would be great.

Typically woocommerce will hold products and stock levels, create the cart and complete the checkout, through a variety of payment gateways, I suggest Paypal and stripe being the primary online payments in the UK. An invoice/packing slip etc is/can be created and emailed to the customer/dispatch and the internal process marked as complete once dispatched. To that extent WooCommerce is stand alone… However all those transactions need accounting for, hence the suggested integration. Many online accounting packages now offer direct woocommerce plugin connectivity, rather than through zapier and the potential cost of having multiple zaps. Typically such a plugin might be sold for $79 a single site, $99 a 5 site licence etc…

SO a stand alone wordpress/woocommerce plugin rather than using zaps to import transaction details would be very useful

Has there been any progress on this as I would like to see a more direct integration between WooCommerce and Quickfile also?

If not my team and I might develop such an integration.

Hi @nisiwi

I don’t believe there has been any progress with this but if you and your team are looking to develop then please see this guide on becoming an API partner: API Partners

Thanks @QFBeth we’ll have a look. It would be good to know how many QuickFile / WooCommerce users there might be out there also looking for something like this.

There are a few who have already commented on this post, hopefully others will see this and also comment and let you know :slight_smile:

I would be interested, specially because woocommerce has its own payment system now

It would be brilliant to have it directly integrated into quickfile. Woocommerce has partnered with Stripe but the stripe app in zapier doesn’t work for woocommerce payments.