Internet Explorer 11 + AdBlock Issues

I know you guys prefer Chrome and develop specifically for that browser but, I like many others, do not like the way Google monitors your browsing habits and emails to specifically target Ads so will not use it.

I have been using QF for a few years now and am still massively impressed with both the platform and support provided and have not had many issues relating to IE until recently. The issues are frequent but relatively minor so I am wondering if it is just me that is experiencing these issues or if others have seen them and not reported?

I get a lot of lockups for example, when I click on a menu item or go to open up an invoice. The “Eggtimer/Donut” keeps spinning until eventually I get IE saying that the page needs to be recovered and have to close it whereby it opens itself up instantly at the page I was going to just like it should have done before. It can be opening any page, menu option or link within QF. These are not connection issues or “page cannot be displayed” errors and are only related to QF. These are also not PC Performance issues. They didn’t start until recently and were not an issue with IE11/10/9 before. There has been no changes to the PC in question other than Windows/AV updates which do obviously affect the browser but my IE11 will be identical to millions out there so ‘may’ not be the issue.

Also, another glitch is that sometimes when I look at the list of Nominal Codes, the icons for the settings and view items (2 icons together on the right, 1 is a cog and the other a magnifying glass) are not displayed but the column/space is present in the list.

I still sometimes see the menu items disappearing when you click on a header too (The issue that you know about and fixed with the 1px space) but it also doesn’t always occur.

I know you’ll want this info so thought I’d pre-empt you:

Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64; Trident/7.0; rv:11.0) like Gecko
Actual IE11.0.10 (11.0.9600.17207)

Not massively helpful, I know, as intermittent errors are the worst but thought I’d post in case it is more widespread. Incidentally I am Technical Architect/Server Support & Implementations level so if you need me to troubleshoot then fire away!

Hope it helps in some way,


We do test in IE but we don’t use the software extensively under IE so we don’t always discover specific issues that are only triggered by certain routes through the application.

QuickFile does use a lot of client side technologies, but these are mostly delivered through common well implemented libraries like JQuery + JQuery UI. As browsers evolve things can break within certain libraries.

It sounds like the issues you’re having is related to locking, or recursive loops. Try clearing your cache, I believe that may help as we have updated the site recently. Try also refreshing the page while holding down CTRL

In the mean time we’ll get hold of IE 11 and do a round of testing to see if we can find anything obvious.

Thanks for looking into this, the PM and testing your end. :smile: Did you use the exact same version with patches?

I cleared my cache out only last week for a different reason and it didn’t change things with QF. This has been going on for over a month in total as I mostly use QF at month end and it was an issue for June too. However, I cleared it out again just now and as soon as I logged in, first click was Reports on the top toolbar and it locked up.

Here’s a piccy of the Nominal Codes view as displayed in my browser and as you can see the icons are missing. They were missing yesterday morning too but by the afternoon when I was on the forum they were there:

I was speaking to my accountant yesterday regarding the 7603 code from my other post and he was on FF on Win (Don’t know versions) but he could not see the icons at the same time as me either. Although the icons aren’t visible, you can click the “space” where they should be and go through to the correct page.

Do these icons or any other elements in your pages come from domains/IP’s other than

The icons are delivered via the font-awesome library. They are hosted on our servers so no external call is made. There are reported issues with Font Awesome + IE 11 here.

When it locks can you press F12 which will open the debugger, any blocked scripts or errors should appear there, this would be very useful. I’ve tested on IE 10 and IE 11 now with no issues so far.

Are you using any extensions in IE? Some adblocking, NOSCRIPT extensions have been known to cause issues. This forum uses the Font Awesome library, can you see the icons on here?

Are you using the Metro version of IE11 or running from your Desktop?


By the way it could be nothing to do with Font Awesome, it may be that it’s just erroring out before it loads the library? Any error messages on your side would be a great help.

The Font Awesome Library must be working as it is used in other places throughout QF and the forum, I’m sure. It just doesn’t always show the icons in the Nominal Codes list or at least that is the only place I have spotted it. But I think you are more right with the erroring before display rather than the icons.

The reason I was asking about external elements is I was thinking browser extensions too!

I have a few used on this PC as I disable most of the standard ones installed on business machines by a plethora of software (ie, Groove, LiveID sign in helper, Java 32 etc) Shockwave Flash is enabled as is Adblock Plus and I use a Fingerprint Reader which checks every page (Best thing ever! There is no way I can remember all the gazillions of passwords!). I have always had in the Adblock Plus exclusion list as I realise this can be an issue sometimes and it has worked seamlessly in the past with QF and IE 9,10 & 11.

Incidentally, I am on Win7 x64 not the foul disgusting mess that is Win8 and the bodges that they try to make it into a coherent OS! :wink: Another Vista if you ask me…

Rather than just excluding in Adblock Plus, I disabled Adblock Plus “Everywhere” and it seems to have helped with the page locking. Too early to be sure as sometimes it just works but at the mo it is normal and the icons have re-appeared in Nominal codes. Hasn’t changed the Forum refresh though (other thread).

It looks like Adblock is interfering with some of the remote calls the application is making. I commented separately on the Forum issue but this software is not developed directly by QuickFile.

Yes, after only a little time I am inclined to agree. It hasn’t locked once since I clicked “Disable Everywhere” rather than simply having QF on the exclusion list. Oddly though, Adblock Plus hasn’t changed recently and IE is only changing with Windows Updates so not sure why it has suddenly caused an issue that isn’t fixed by the normal process of being on the Exclusion List.

It would be interesting to know what AdBlock is actually blocking. Here’s a list of domains that QF accesses resources from. If you selectively enable them on AdBlock we may be able to see which one it doesn’t like.


I think there are potentially 2 separate issues with Adblock as I have left the browser extension disabled but enabled IE’s built in Tracking Protection. In there you can chose to add the TPL that Adblock uses and manages which I am currently using. QF seems to work fine, in that it is not locking up but the icons have disappeared again from the Nominal Codes list.

I have extracted the list contents to Notepad and I’ll email it to you as a text file. I had a quick search in there too and, & google-analytics do appear in the list but not exactly the same urls as you have written but it will depend on how it is interpreted I guess.

Take a look and see if something jumps out at you!

A heads-up, the icons are back in the Nominal Accounts list but Tracking Protection is still enabled with the Adblock list so that was probably a red-herring!

OK anything you’ve got send it over, we’ll try IE11 + Adblock on a machine tomorrow to see if we can pin anything down.