Introducing Affinity for Mobile

In the next few days we will be rolling out a number of updates for the QuickFile Android and iOS app. Most notably this new release will introduce support for Affinity, giving you access to the Affinity dashboard from your mobile device.

You will now be able to quickly view key data for each of your managed profiles and seamlessly jump into each allowing you to snap receipts, create and view invoices, expenses, clients, suppliers and bank transactions.

Open Banking push notifications and streamlined consents

If you’ve connected an Open Banking feed and you’re running the QuickFile app we’ll soon start sending you push notifications to remind you when your 90 day consent needs to be renewed. For a number of banks, if you have the online banking app we’ll provide you with a quick and simple reconsent process, without you needing to log into the desktop version of QuickFile.

Image cropping and rotation

In this latest release we have also added image editing capabilities to allow you to crop and rotate your captured receipts. This can improve clarity on your saved files and reduce upload/download speeds.

Client and supplier creation

If you just want to quickly add some details for a new client or supplier without having to issue an invoice, we’ve now added a standalone client and supplier creation form. You can access these forms by clicking on the plus icons within your client and supplier lists.

Invoice and expense editing

Since the first release of our Android and iOS apps it has only been possible to create new invoices and any further editing had to be done online. We’ve now updated the invoice creation forms to allow editing of existing sales and expense invoices, providing they are currently in draft or unpaid status.

New Reports

In the new Reports section (accessible from the left hand menu) you will now find options to view your profit and loss report, along with your balance sheet. We’ll be adding more reporting options in the near future, if there’s anything in particular you’d like us to prioritise just let us know.

That’s all for now, we hope you find these updates to be beneficial. Please let us know what you would like to see in the mobile app? We’re open to suggestions and keen to expand on our mobile offering to help you become more productive.

To download the latest mobile apps for QuickFile click here.


ive download the other app is it a separate app for affinity for mobile or is it the same?

Hi @jhanks1170

It’s the same app. You will see the option to change to Affinity login when you first open the app (providing you’re not already logged in).

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