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Introducing Expense Rebilling

If you regularly rebill expenses to your clients, then take a look at the new Expense Rebilling tools.

Simply select one or more of your expenses from the Purchase Management screen and rebill to a chosen client. QuickFile will create a brand new draft invoice, complete with all the itemised expenses. You can even apply a markup percentage and attach any original receipts to the new sales invoice.

Find out more about Expense Rebilling here

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Would this be ok for charities to use for example reimbursement of expenses that is owed to the voluntary

Hi @grahamburton

It should be suitable for any case where you’re passing expenses through to an invoice.

It just removes a step of copying and pasting information - just to make life a bit easier :wink:

we generally do not issue invoice to volunteers as they will produce the receipt and than we will pay them the owe money we owe them for fuel

The rebilling feature will create a new sales invoice from one or more (upto 10 at the moment) purchase invoices. If you don’t need to create a sales invoice, then unfortunately, this feature wouldn’t be suitable for you.

If you’re not sure about the best way to achieve what you’ve described, you’re welcome to start a new thread on the forums and a few users may even make some suggestions to help.

Thanks I got a few topic threads that I start soon

This expense rebilling feature is for cases where you have incurred expenses (and created purchase invoices for them) on behalf of a client and you want the client to pay money to your business to reimburse you. You’re talking about the opposite case where other people (volunteers) have incurred expenses on behalf of your business (charity) and you need to pay money out of the business to reimburse them.

In your case wouldn’t you just create a purchase invoice based on the receipts you are given, then when you make a payment to the volunteer you tag the money out transaction as “payment to a supplier” to pay down that purchase? Double check with a real accountant if you want to be sure.

Thanks for that i check it out

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