Introducing our new Square Integration

We’re pleased to introduce our newest payments partner, Square. With Square, you can easily take payments in person, online or over the phone. There are no long-term commitments and you only pay when you make a sale. Plus you get your money in your bank account the next business day.

When you process payments with Square online and in person, you get unified sales and customer data, synchronised inventory and best-in-class hardware and software. And with the QuickFile integration, you’ll be able to sync your Square transactions and pay invoices on the go.

Our comprehensive integration allows you to provide a Square payment option for your invoices. We can also import all your Square transactions with our automatic data feed, so your QuickFile account is kept up-to-date with Square for easy reconciliation and bookkeeping.

Accept Square Payments in QuickFile

As soon as you’ve linked your QuickFile and Square accounts, your clients will be given the option to pay their invoices using Square.

Find out more

Take a look at our guide to find out more about the Square Integration, and start collecting payments today. You can also find out more about Square, its features, and how it could work for you, on our website


Great progress.

Are you looking to get iZettle integrated in a similar way soon by any chance?

Thanks @outdoors

The last time we reviewed iZettle they didn’t have an open API, which required iZettle to initiate the integration from their side. We’re happy to review this to see if anything has changed.

How does this work with the payments that Square take ? because obviously an invoice of £100 paid by the customer would only show up as £98.25. How do we account or show this in Quickfile ?

@Kevin_Gravill please see here:

I set up an account with square and I thought I had integrated it, at least I can see the merchant account has appeared, and also the option to turn off square payments in client profiles, but when I create a new invoice I do not see square appearing on it as a payment method. Will this come after a while, or have I missed a step setting this up?

We’ll look into this for you. I’ve just dropped you a private message to get some info on your account.

Hi Glenn,
As you know I use your square integration for a few month now and it is working very well for pulling in all the card transaction and website transaction. These transactions all show up, inclusive the square fees, in my square merchant account.
In my practice I use the Square POS solution. It works like a till in which I also can record and store cash payments. Until a while ago I used to enter all cash payments manually into quickfile. A few month ago I started to enter these transactions in quickfile through zapier via a three step zap (to filter out the card and website payments which are transferred through your integration). I also use zapier to create invoices, new customers and so on. Now, with increasing the numbers of clients coming to my premise again (which is very good :slight_smile:) there is also an increase in cash payments. For me that means there are a lot more zaps running every month. At the moment I pay £12.50 per month for zapier but I will be hit the next threshold very soon, which means about £30. For me, the £12.50 every month is quite a lot, £30 would be to much. So, my question: Is there any chance that your square integration also takes/transfers the cash payments to my square merchant account in quickfile? I can imagen that some people may don’t want this option. If it is possible to also transfer the cash payments may you could offer this as an optional button/feature or so?

Hi @rhc

The Square feed will pickup and report all activity that is returned to us from Square. We update the transactions overnight for each day previous and it will include things like payments received, Square processing fees, gift card transactions and payouts.

The cash deposits made to Square (as per the guide here) should also appear in QuickFile as we don’t actively filter these out.

Hello Glenn,
Thank you very much for your quick reply.
I enter all the cash transaction as descript on the square website. But I found this:
Money for these transactions are exchanged directly between you and your customer and will not be transferred by Square.
That sounds like they don’t transmit these types of payments which is strange because I can pick them up via zapier.
Anyway, thanks again for your quick reply. Have a nice day.

I believe this is just a tool that Square offer for tracking cash deposits and they’re just saying that the amount entered here will not be included in their payouts. I can’t say 100% if those cash entries will pull through on the feed (I will check), I suspect they won’t as it would otherwise distort the Square merchant account balance (the money actually owed to you).

That makes sense and I thought about the same issue. But when I pay an invoice with the cash or I pay the cash into my bank account I also would record the invoice/cash deposit in quickfile which would level out the square account.
So far the cash payments never came through. As I said I use zapier for the cash payments which is working fine. I will look for another solution to keep the number of zaps each month below 750.
Thanks again.

I have Square and i am trying to integrate it to my quickfile account. Following the instructions i am trying to subscribe to power user but this option does not appear in my account. i go to help, additional services, and there is no option for power user subscription or any other subcription

Hi Scully,
If you go to or click on Help and Additional Services
you should see:

Down the screen there should be the option for the Bank Feed and Power User Sub.
After paying it you should be able to activate the square feed. Click on Account Settings and Manage Payment Option , at the top is the square option.
Or open a merchant account in your banking section, choose square and activate it from there.

Hope this helps

Awsome, I was literally looking for a new accounting software purely to be able to sync my square as it takes so long logging all the sales then I saw you now have it integrated so really pleased I am able to stay with you guys without any hassle!

I have linked them and turned on the automatic feed but am a bit stuck, I read on one of the comments that it will pull all transactions through - however, it has only pulled through the last 10 days for me since linking the two. Is there a way for me to back date the autofeed to include older transactions as I would like to back date it for about a year and a half of auto feeds if possible since I have been using sqaure.

I note there is an upload statement option similar to my bank feeds were you can manually upload older statements, however, square dont download basic statements, there are mounds of collums with ID, net price, gross price. dates, customers names etc etc so when I try to upload my sqaure statements quickfile just cant pick up on that many collums and various info they provide, so have been stuck on how to get it to feed over some of the older transactions?

Hi @fleursfriendlyfields,

If you can download a csv then you can upload this, if you need to alter the data first or remove columns you can do this in a spreadsheet program like excel. For the bank statement you only need the columns that contain the Date, Description and Amount - whether thats a money in column and a money out column or a column for both in and out.

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Hi fleursfriendlyfields
You can also choose the column you want to use in quickfile, after you uploaded your csv file (for the bank option use “other”)

If your csv file shows a money in column and a money out column then you have to tick the little box I marked in the picture. If you have both amounts in one column then leave the box blank.