Invalid login credentials on API request


I’m working on a quickfile integration and have encountered a problem I can’t see to get past.

I’m using the example data from the link above, with the AccNumber, MD5Value and Application ID all changed to my details. I’m still getting a 400 bad request response and “Invalid login credentials” is the error in the response.

Can anyone help me out please?

Also If I test in your sandbox it works fine, If I use the exact same data in postman (API client), I end up getting


"Errors": {

    "Error": [

        "Invalid login credentials"




Hi @TimJones96

I’m not able to replicate this, but please check for any stray whitespace in the variables (e.g. account number or application ID).

If you wish, you’re welcome to send an example of a request you’re making to us in a private message - @QFSupport, and we can take a look at this for you in more detail.


I’ve been working with the quickfile API for a while now and it seems to work quite well.

This is probably to do with how you are generating header information.

Can you paste an example of how you’re generating the authorisation payload information and how you are passing it to quickfile.


The exact same? You can’t use the same SubmissionNumber for more than one request so if you’ve tested something in the sandbox and then you copy exactly the same request into postman then it will fail. You need to use a different submission number and re-calculate the MD5 hash to match.

When I write code to call the QuickFile API I capture a timestamp value when my program starts up and then add a serial number to the end, so I might use 1644343526389-0001 for the first call by a given execution, 1644343526389-0002 for the second, etc. The timestamp guarantees that two different runs will not generate duplicates (unless I somehow managed to start it twice in the same millisecond) and the serial number disambiguates within a given run.

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