Inventory analysis using nominal codes


I want to analyse inventory sales items and I have created new nominal codes for those items I want to analyse. This works for current and future invoices but is there some way the codes can be retrospectively applied to invoice items where the invoice has already been generated and may have been paid to allow analysis using reports?



Can you do this for different items within the same invoice? Line one might be one nominal account and line two another and only one is incorrectly assigned. Stephen

Yes, you are moving postings between different nominals via the CoA. Easiest thing to do is just go to your CoA and drill down as per Glenns post above and then you should see what you are doing from there.

I may be missing something here or I haven’t explained my problem clearly as the suggested solution will move every item in the invoice to a new posting whereas it may only be one that is incorrect. For example:
Invoice line one Examination post to 'Fees received’
Invoice line two Hygienist posts to ‘Fees received’

I want Hygienist to be moved to ‘Hygienist fees received’

Can I do this as a bulk change with several hundred invoices?

Hi Jacky

When you create an invoice, it groups all the related nominal activity into one entry (e.g. 3 lines for General Sales becomes 1). So in that case, the above solution wouldn’t be suitable.

You would have to edit each invoice individually, or if you have a lot of invoices, it may be worth looking at our API

I hope that helps

Thanks. I feared that. Stephen