Inventory for variable weight items

I run a small beef business and would like to use the inventory to keep track of my stock (cuts of beef in the freezer). The problem is that they are all different weights and priced per kilo so, different prices.

What I’d love would be to use the inventory as a stock control solution, keeping track of what is left in the freezer, but I don’t seem to be able to find a way of accounting for e.g. one rump steak at £8.30 an another at £9.15.

Is this possible, or if not, is there a compatible piece of software which I could use with QF?

Many thanks in advance.

Currently we don’t offer any native support for stock-control functions. There is some discussion on the thread below as to potential 3rd party integrations, although there’s no overwhelming consensus as to which one would be most appropriate.

You’re free to add your vote here or provide feedback on any systems you’ve trialled and have found to be useful.

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