Inventory item does not persist line returns

Hello folks - trying to figure out why when I enter an item into the item management screen I can put the title of the goods on 1 line and then an items description on a second line, but when I then invoice the customer both the title and the description are all in the same line?

For example in Item Management I can add an item like this:

Red size 4
blah blah blah

But on the invoice it shows as NEW SHOES: red size 4 blah blah blah

Is there anyway to keep the original layout rather than everything going onto the 1 line?

Thanks in advance.

Yes it should certainly retain your carriage returns. I’m going to refer this for now, I’m sure it can be fixed. I will report back when we’ve had a chance to look into this.

Thanks Glenn

I did think it odd that carriage returns did not stay after saving the inventory items.

Appreciate your help.

Just to confirm, that has now been fixed.

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Superb! Many thanks for a very speedy service.

Very impressed.


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