Inventory item usage report


When we invoice we select the relevant item code against each item a customer is ordering. How do we run a report to see which item codes are selling the best please?



There is no report that will currently show the item usage, although I believe there should be. It’s just we were planning to introduce this within the scope of stock control but this keeps getting pushed back due to various technical reasons. I’ll add this to our near-term development list and try to get this prioritised for the next couple of months.

First you need to 'Add New Nominal Accounts’ for each sales item.

Now go to the ‘Item/Inventory Management’ and change the category of each item to the new sales nominal code:

You can now ‘Build a Custom Report’ for sales nominal codes.


Thanks, ok - but the report shows no data and there is no data against each sub category in the chart of accounts either. They are still all lumped under “general sales”. Any ideas please? Thanks


You need to follow the steps I outlined above and first create a set of sales nominal codes and link them to the inventory item as shown above.

We may seek to add specific inventory reports in the future, I will refer to our development team.

If you’re not in a hurry for this information we will be producing a dedicated report in the next 2 months. Joe’s solution works by posting items to distinct nominal codes, and may offer a solution in the mean time.


Yes I have done that. Each inventory item has a sub code category against it, but still nothing shows in the chart of accounts - just all under “general sales” - unless it only works for invoices I enter from now on, not ones that have already been logged? (Although surely, if the data is in there it should just split it all out in the chart of accounts?)




Ok, if there is something in the pipeline that will give a breakdown of inventory sales then I’ll hang on as there is no immediate hurry (although it would be nice to know what we are selling)



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I would also find this useful as have been trying to figure out how to do this all morning

We’re actually working on this right now. I shall update this thread when it is ready.

We have made some additions to the inventory area that will allow you to obtain information on the quantity of items used over a given period. You will find these additions in the advanced search box.

You can leave the date range empty and this will show the quantities used for all time. Once you submit the search another column will appear in the results set to show the quantity used. This column is also sortable, so you can order your results by the most popular and least popular inventory items.


Hi, That’s great - thanks for that - but is it possible to see the total amount of the sales for each item, not just the quantity please? For example, one of our items is “Copywriting”, but price varies per job. Thanks, Jo

For this I would recommend you post these specific items to a custom nominal code (category). You can then use the custom reporting tool for a more detailed segmented view of the spend.

We may eventually make these quantities clickable so they drill down to the invoices from which the data has been derived. You can then at a glance see the total value of said invoices.

Hi Glenn,
is there any further progress on a dedicated report for items? I have seen this before in other programmes as a normal breakdown in the P&L report, as it is key to any business to know what stock/ services is selling best. I am currently unable to find a report for this - do I need to update my version or has it not yet been set up?
Many thanks,

You can obtain information on the number of items sold within a date range, it does not output monetary values though. This is accessible in the inventory area advanced search.

If you’re posting your different items to unique nominal codes then you can easily see the amounts sold within the Chart of Accounts.

Hi, a bit disappointing that QF still hasn’t addressed the need to report of sales of inventory items, without assigning each one to its own nominal code. Come on QF team this is basic functionality.

Isn’t that exactly what Glenn’s post addresses above?


Hi Glen. I’m trying to use this count quantity feature to understand how many times I’ve billed a certain item in a particular time-frame. However, the count isn’t accurate. I can’t work out why, but it’s not finding all instances for an item’s sale.

Please could you take a look?

Thanks, Benjamin

@benjamingoodson would you mind dropping a message to @QFSupport (or email with the details and we’ll take a look for you.

Nope, I’ved tried it and it doesn’t give currency values.
Glenn why is QF not doing this. It’s pretty important reporting basics.