Invoice and Bank Transactions

There are multiple invoices for the same client . How do I choose the correct invoice to tag through bank transactions?

When you tag a transaction as “payment from a customer” it will initially offer you a list of all unpaid invoices whose total exactly matches the amount of the transaction, and if you want to pay one of those you just click it. If the amount of the payment doesn’t exactly match a whole unpaid invoice then you need to use the “pay down multiple invoices” option, enter the client name, and then you get a list of all the unpaid (or part-paid) invoices for that client and you can select one or more of those to assign the payment.



If I choose ‘Payments from the same customer’, it creates client prepayment on the account.

If I click on search (magnifying glass), it states ‘4 matching untagged transactions were found’. But, it does not display individual transactions for me to pick and choose.

Please advise.

Once you click on this, you should see an option in the bottom right corner of the little pop-up to “Pay down multiple invoices”:
Enter the name of your client and select them from the list that appears:
Then simply tick any invoices the payment applies to. Any balance left over (e.g. from an overpayment) will sit as a prepayment on the client’s account.

So you’re trying to bulk tag several transactions in one go? In that case the only options are to create a new invoice for each transaction or treat them all as payments on account - if you want to assign each transaction to an existing invoice you must tag them one by one with the big red buttons rather than in bulk with the checkboxes.

Edit: you could tag as payments on account, but then you still have to go through each individual invoice in turn to log payment -> apply from credit, so it’s probably quicker just to tag the transactions one by one.


I am not trying bulk tag several transaction in one go. Even if I choose a single bank transaction, and click on ‘Tag Selected’, it gives me the following options. screen shot .

Hi @wrongfindata

From your screenshot, it looks like you’re ticking the transactions and using the “Tag Selected” option at the top of the page.

If you’re tagging just one transaction, using the red “Tag Me!” button would be the better option.

The “Tag Selected” option is for bulk tagging so it has limited options in comparison.

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