Invoice column to show reminders sent

would it be possible to add a column to the invoice management page , it would be great to be able to see at a glance if I have sent reminder and which one

I will leave this open for others to comment and add their vote. If it’s a popular request we will look into this.

got my vote i think this would be a good idea and saves time

I would love to see this as at the moment there is no way of telling whether the automated reminders are actually getting sent out, short of contacting the client to ask whether he’s received a reminder email for his overdue invoice — not ideal and kind of defeating the object of automated reminders.

Every time a reminder is sent, it should really be logged as an event under the invoice. I.m.o. this is should be a core feature, not something that depends on getting votes from users.

That’s not strictly true, they are listed in the event log on the dashboard.

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Hmmm, in that case either my automated reminders aren’t working, or the entries don’t get added to the event log. I’ve had a couple of invoices going past their due date, and I can’t find ‘reminder sent’ type entries in the log.

Even if they are shown in the event log on the dashboard, I’d still like to see such entries appear under ‘Recent Events’ on the invoice itself. In the event log on the dashboard they are likely to get buried. Could I request this as a feature please?

They already appear under the invoice too:

If you go to the money owed (click the green box on your dashboard for example), you get a list of invoices that are due. Find the one your querying, and click the little timer:

This will tell you when they’re scheduled:

I do understand all that, but my original post was to suggest an extra column on the invoice page so that we could see at a glance when the rerminders as a whole are due / sent to save going into each invoice , as I am the one sending them I feel it would save a lot of my time to be able to see fat a glance from that page

It’s not going to be easy to pull this into a column. The invoice management page returns 50 invoices at a time, it already needs to do quite a lot of computation so bringing in more columns adds to this load and slows everything down. That’s why we haven’t do it thus far.


We are quite generous with how many records we show here, most other system will show a maximum of 25 at a time.

Thank you for the screenshots.

I’ve just had a look at the automated reminder settings, and it turns out they are disabled, even though I enabled them a couple of months ago. Since this resulted in a reminder for an overdue getting sent to a client, who subsequently contacted me to say he would sort out payment the same day (yay!), I assumed that the reminders were working. Interestingly, there is no entry for the reminder that got sent to this client, hence me asking whether this could be displayed somewhere.

Should I keep having problems with the reminders, I will create a separate post. Thanks to those who responded!