Invoice commenting via API

Allow adding a comment to an invoice via the API.

Not having an ability to do this means that comments must be either on our software that is integrated with Quickfile, or on Quickfile itself. This means that comments can be missed by someone looking at just one of these sources.

Hi @Adam_Johnston

Just to confirm, is this in relation to the “Notes” a logged in user would see on an invoice?

Hi @QFMathew,

Yes, ideally a new API invoice function would add a note to an invoice or estimate.

Hi @QFMathew - looks like this is already possible and I just missed it: System_CreateNote API Schema (

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Hi @QFMathew

  1. Is there a way to insert comment rather than notes via API?
  2. Are the comments searchable?
  3. We will be having around 300 invoices on a daily basis. Is there a way to send out all at once rather than individually sending each?

Hi @Mohammed1

When you say comments, where on the invoice do you mean? I just want to be sure I’m understanding your query correctly…

Comments aren’t searchable unfortunately (neither the web interface nor the API). However, you’re welcome to create a Feature Request for this (I recommend including some details of a user case, too).

The notes have to currently be inserted one call per invoice/estimate/client/supplier.

Hi @QFMathew
When you add an item, there is an option to change that to a comment line. Is it possible to insert this comment line directly through API?

You have a very simple and effective package which will work for a lot of businesses. We are a wholesaler and fulfill orders by sending the order direct to the end customer.

For this reason we will need several extra fields and I am trying to see if there is a work around this.
Delivery Address
Tracking Information

If I am able to insert the above information as comments, then the footer section can be used for other details.

We also need to input different footer information depending on the customer type - I believe this can be achieved by using trading styles.

Hi @Mohammed1


If you add a line and start the ItemDescription with |||, this will automatically convert to a comment line on the invoice. It will still need details such as a nominal code, but you can just enter 4000 for this, and a quantity of 1.

You can use trading styles if that’s your preferred option, but it’s worth noting that the invoice terms and notes can optionally be set on an invoice-by-invoice basis through the API.

The full documentation for the Invoice_Create endpoint can be found here: Invoice_Create API Schema