Invoice Customisation - adding a remittance slip to the footer


I’ve been trying to customize our Sales Invoice template to include at the bottom in the Payment Details Area payment remittance information for how our clients can pay their invoices, including such details as our company Bank Name, Bank Sort Code and Bank Account Number.

I’ve added some text including custom HTML, however the customization will not allow me to add all this and chops off part of the detail.

How do I add a standard payment remittance slip at the bottom of our Sales Invoices, is there such a feature in QuickFile?

I look forward to your reply. Thank you !!!

Hi @incsol

There is a limit on the number of characters you can put in the bottom part of the invoice. What sort of thing were you looking to include? I can try and mock something up if that would help?

I am not sure how you are trying to do this. We use the footer area and have fitted in 12 lines totalling about 350 characters covering all payment options without problem.

Or do you mean that you need a slip to be returned with payments by cheque? We are down to 10% of payments in this form and even with occasional difficulties matching payments I have never found a need for this.

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