Invoice Customisation - Logo obscuring

I am a new user and am really struggling with invoices. I am trying to set this up, and have found that my logo is obscured by the box below and the word Invoice is being obscured by my company name.
Having gone onto the help site, there is all sorts of wonderful stuff there about being able to alter positions of boxes, use other templates etc… None of which appears relevant as all I get is a page headed Invoice Styles (with one style) and none of the ability to be able to alter the layout.

What am I missing, guys? is there another version of quickfile that I need to download? If there isn’t how do I solve my problem? Right now, my invoice looks like its been designed by a six year old!

I’ve just jumped onto your account and fixed this logo issue. It’s quite a common problem with square shaped logos, it’s actually documented here, but I thought I’d save you the bother.