Invoice customized layout

We are couriers and our current invoice has an additional column to quickfles standard format


VAT is shown after all items have been entered

Is it possible to accomodate a format such as this

You could use the description field as both can description and delivery note reference like so:
Van: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Delivery ref.: xxxxxxx

Or, if the van description is a reference or number plate for example, I suppose you could rename the item column

You could make use of the time based invoices I suppose, and change the ‘hours’ to miles?

I believe you can disable line VAT rates, but you’d have to show the rate on each line

If you go to account settings > invoice customisation, you can change the unit name there (ie hours to miles):

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So its not possible to insert extra columns

No, but you can rename and reuse existing ones, which would enable you to do the above

If you want help setting this up so you can give it a proper go, then ask away :slight_smile:

Thankyou - I may well ask for some . I have asked my client about format and am awaiting his reply