Invoice/estimate templates

I am looking at creating a invoice/estimates templates

When I have created it is not showing when I go to create a estimate ? any ideas

How are you creating this “template”? I think there might be some confusion over terminology?

I have gone to “invoice customisation” then created a new invoice template ?

Hi @Andyos23

It looks as though you’re editing your trading style rather than the look of the invoice. Trading styles set out things like the default terms, the logo etc., they need to be done on the default template. New templates, or multiple templates are only applicable when multiple trading styles are in use.

If you want to change how your invoice looks, you will need to go to an invoice you have already created and go to the green button in the top left of the screen.


I hope this helps, but if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.

Hi Sian,
it is the invoice I am trying to change not the style. I have changed logo items to be shown and added extra notes but still can not access it

I have looked on the style and its not there either

Hi @Andyos23

As @QFSian mentioned above, from what you’ve described, you’re editing a new template. Are you using the multiple trading styles module on QuickFile, or do you just have the one?

HI @QFMathew

I think it is a single module

This is the page

Hi @Andyos23

Thanks for coming back to us!

If you make the changes to “Standard”, this will update your invoices. The other templates only apply if you’re using multiple trading styles.

Hope that helps!

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