Invoice History

hi, i only seem to be able to search back through invoices to around 01/02/2020

although if i enter an exact invoice number i find older invoices.

but problem is i need to search by some text…

date search doesnt go back any further.

thanks scott

thanks scott

Hello @magnacom

QuickFile automatically archives older items for performance

At the bottom of your invoice list click Archived (to show the older items) first, then try your search


i did look there first and nothing was showing in archive for the company or infact all transactions…

its working now, odd… possibly i had also searched for some text and that maybe stopped it from listing.

Hello @magnacom

I had a look at the account linked to your email

The oldest invoice I can see on the account following the above process is shown below

thanks steve, its probably been my own fault, everything now seems fine.

user error no doubt!

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