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Invoice in previous tax year/locked accounting period

I raised a customer invoice with a date of 31/3/21 which, at the time, had a estimated total. It contained several lines as it is for a big fence painting job which has required a number of separate sessions of work. I have now completed the task and know the full amount that should be on the invoice but I rolled my year-end in line with the tax year recently and consequently it cannot be modified. Another complication here is that client paid for the materials early on when the job started (which I logged). The balance due needs to be increased as the final total has come in greater than my original estimate. Looking for guidance on how best to sort this in the books, please.

Edit: I think I need to delete the year-end journal (easy enough) AND remove the lock - how do you remove the lock?

To remove the year end locks - You’ll need to go to Account Settings >> All Settings you should then see the option:image

I’ve done similar but with VAT periods locking invoices. I’ve always just issued invoices/credit notes for the difference.

Thought about a little more and found a solution! I have received cash for the job, so receipted the balance on the March '21 dated invoice (to fully pay it) and just created a new invoice to cover the rest of the work (with today’s date) and paid that in full. All good now.

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