Invoice individual line total without VAT

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I have tried to see if anyone else had this problem and I couldnt see it.

Basically, when I create an invoice the line specifies “description”, quantity, vat and line total. the thing is that the line total includes the vat and I was wondering if there is a way of showing the line total without the vat, because the vat is already shown at the bottom of the invoice.



The line total will expect you to enter the amount net of VAT. Any VAT is then calculated based on the rate you nominate and itemised in the footer totals. You can have different lines with different VAT rates so it’s always calculated at a line level.

Hi Glenn,

what I meant is to have another column where I can see the subtotal prior to vat

Descrition ------ Unit price ------ qty -------SUBTOTAL-------Vat--------Total line


The line total amount is already NET of VAT

Do you mean to show the VAT inc total? There are no plans to add more columns here right now, there’s very limited real estate in this table to add another column without compressing the description field.


thanks for your reply. See the picture below. What I say is that you only can see the total net for the invoice and not the total net for each line.


OK I assumed you were referring to the point of entry rather than the actual preview. This particular template is fixed and cannot be modified, in fact we are phasing this template out in the coming months. If you like I can switch you to the new invoice gallery system which has a choice of 10 invoice templates. In each case the line total is shown as a NET figure rather than the gross total.

Hi Glenn

Yes please, switch our account to the new invoice gallery system.



Your now updated!

Take a look here for info on accessing the invoice gallery:

Hi Glenn

I cant find that green menu on the top. This screenshot is what I get when I click on invoice styles

It’s not in invoice styles, go to any invoice preview, you will see it there.


Got it! thanks

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