Invoice isn't updated as paid

I have bank feed set up and when the system automatically associates a tag to a payment it doesn’t update the invoice as paid, but if I manually assign the invoice to be as paid it will create a new invoice it seems and so mess up my bookwork.
Has anyone got any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

I don’t see any activity on your account, invoices, bank transactions, feeds, nothing. Perhaps I’m looking at the wrong account? Please could you let me know which account to look at and I’ll offer some advice.

Thanks for sending over the details. When you have a bank tagging rule setup it will always create a new invoice and link the payment on the bank to that invoice. You can’t have the system link the new payment to an existing invoice using a rule, because the software can’t know which invoice to link to.

In such cases you should remove the rule and manually tag the payment on the bank to the existing invoice. You could also change the rule and uncheck the box “Attach to invoice”, this will then drop the funds on to the client account so your can manually link it to the invoice.

Hope that helps!

thanks i think that got me on the right track :slight_smile:

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