Invoice issue date changing


I am not sure if this is a bug or not. But I noticed today that the issue date on all of my invoices has changed. So for example, when I look at invoice 000057 in quickfile it has an issue date of 28/01/2020 but when I look at the pdf invoice that I emailed to the client it has the issue date of 22/11/2019

I have not checked all of my invoices but I have gone through a few of them and they all seem to be the same, the issue date in Quickfile is later than the actual issue date from when I sent the invoice to the client.

What could have caused these dates to change in Quickfile?



Hi @philingle

There is a setting in “Advanced Features” which may have caused this.

If you go to Account Settings >> Advanced Features, you should see the option there:
If this is set to “On”, the invoice date is changed to the send date when it’s sent.

Hi Mathew

Thanks for that tip. I have changed the setting now.



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