Invoice layout options - hide quantity and unit cost


I was wondering if it wold be possible to change the way the invoice is layout in that you currently have to show a unit cost and quantity but the type of invoices we issue we don’t use this all we need to be shown is the total for each line.

Currently the director creates all of his invoices in MS word and then i transfer them on to QF i want him to start using QF full time and enter them directly in to the system but he is very reluctant as he dosent like the fact that a unit cost is showing and a quantity and it kind of looks funny for our invoice as we tend to be invoicing stage payments.

Hi @mathump3

The good news is, this is already possible. While it would be required when creating an invoice, it’s certainly possible to hide the quantity and unit cost columns with a bit of CSS.

Do you have a Power User Subscription on your account?

Yes we do have a Power User Subscription

how do we do this Voodoo? i have edited the invoice the best i can with the very limited knowledge i have so it looks a bit like our existing invoice but unfortunately coding is not my first language

I’ll send you a private message now and I’ll take a look for you :slight_smile:
Please look for the green notification in the top right hand corner.

Maybe be privy to this Voodoo too? Cheers

Hi @Simon_Keats

Adding the following to your CSS (when you customise your invoice design), will remove the Quantity and Unit Cost columns.

.thItems3 { display: none; } /* Hide "Unit Cost" */
.tdItems3 { display: none; }

.thItems4 { display: none; } /* Hide "Qty" */
.tdItems4 { display: none; }

works a treat. thank you. si

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I’ve used the CSS as above from @QFMathew and it has removed the Quantity and Unit cost on my estimates and invoices as hoped.

However I have had 2 clients now advise they can still see the breakdown of the pricing which has caused complications. Is there a way to remove the breakdown prices and stop them seeing it?

I don’t want to rely on PDFs as I need them to login and accept the terms attached.

Many thanks

Hi @SimonG

Please accept my apologies - I’m not sure what you mean by the breakdown prices? Do you have any examples?

Hi @QFMathew, The individual line item prices.

If you’re vat registered just be careful hiding things like individual line prices. Hmrc have set requirements for invoices. VAT record keeping: VAT invoices - GOV.UK

Thank you, I’m not VAT registered.