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Invoice list with date of payment


How do I get a full invoice list WITH when the invoices were paid? I can download invoices onto excel with date invoiced, invoice number, amount and payment status but it does not include when the invoice was paid.


Leigh Scott


Hi @DavidS

Perhaps downloading a list of payments would be useful? If you go to Sales >> View all Payments, you can see a list of all the recorded payments on the account, with information of what invoices they are tagged to.

The issue with a “paid date” is that an invoice isn’t necessarily paid in one go - it could be split over several payments.

Not sure if this would help?


Thanks, I just exported specific invoices sent out for between 1/2/17 and 31/1/2018 (our accounting year) into an excel sheet and manually typed up payment dates! My accountant needed this.

It would be good if this feature would be added in the future, I noticed a few people had asked on this also?


We’re certainly open to feature requests. If one of the topics you came across was in the #feature category, I certainly recommend adding a post to show your support too. Otherwise, you’re welcome to start your own


The information is available by cross-referencing the list of invoices and the list of payments, but there isn’t necessarily any such thing as “the” date when an invoice was paid - you can have several part-payments against the same invoice or one payment can pay off multiple invoices in one go.

I’ve posted on other threads about how you can achieve this with VLOOKUPs on the CSV files you get from an account backup, in the specific case where the mapping is strictly one payment to one invoice.


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