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Invoice logo change changes all the logo on all invoice history

As a part of my logo image, I incorporated my vat No and telephone No. I’ve just de-registered for Vat and changed the logo but now it’s changed the image for all past invoices too :frowning: Isn’t it possible to keep a history of logos on file and the logo that’s displayed when viewing invoices picks up the original attached image?

Hi @guineapig

The logo is used across all invoices, old and new. Unfortunately there isn’t a way to change this.

However, things like invoice notes, which are specific to invoices, aren’t updated retrospectively.

Hi Matthew

I suspected that was the case. But maybe you could consider it a worthwhile upgrade for the future? I mean, what if someone went through a rebranding exercise? I don’t need you to reply - just think it’d be a useful amendment.

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