Invoice Management - New invoices

Hi there,
It appears that there is an issue with the Invoice management function and screen today. For some reason the screen is displaying additional invoices, made up of banking details from my current account; this has no relation to anything or any invoice created previously.
There are exactly 4 additional invoices which contain exact banking amounts from the current account (which are currently untagged). The invoices are shown as PAID and look to have random content in the description.

Could you help urgently please?

If you go into the invoice, what does it say about creation in the log?

Where the red arrow is below, it should say who created the invoice, and who tagged it too

Can you please provide the invoice numbers for the items you don’t believe should be there?

Of course:


However, I’ve just looked at the log and it seems like they might have been created by my accountant accidentally…
But I’ll let you confirm that to me please.

Thank you

Yes it does look like your accountant created these items.

Yes, it looks like it was their accidental creation; I’ve rectified it now.
Thank you for your help.

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