Invoice Management Screen - Show outstanding balances

Hi, not sure if it is already possible but i would like to see on Invoice Management screen balance outstanding from each invoice as well in column next to how much is total invoice amount without clicking on individual invoice.


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It’s not possible right now, there’s a technical reason why this is difficult. Basically the system needs to do many different lookups to determine the real-time balance on an invoice, we need to deduct credit notes, refunds and bad-debt adjustments. When displaying 50 records at a time this will have a serious impact on the performance and is likely to triple page load speeds. We could possibly cache this data but then it will likely cause more confusion, as some data will be out of sync…also there’s over 1.2 million invoices in our database now, even caching the data is a pretty big task!

Humm, would it be less burden of resources to have another option on debtor ageing report to show invoice number below customer names as sub headings?

Any scenario where you’re looping invoices to determine the balance will be affected. You can already drill down from the debtor control report to view outstanding invoices behind the client balance, but all that’s doing is pulling up invoices by status it’s not working out the balance individually for every invoice. If those invoices are unpaid then fine, but when they are partially paid or credit noted it will not show the balance.

We thought of adding a button on PARTIAL invoices (in the invoice management view) to “get balance”, so you could potentially reveal one at a time. This is the only way right now without hammering the server.

I’d like to add my vote to this feature request.

I understand the technical reason behind not implementing it as most of us would probably expect to see it, but a hover option or ‘Get Balance’ button would work fine and be a lot less cumbersome than opening the invoice to find out the actual remaining balance.

We have now implemented a simple way to quickly reveal the outstanding balance on any part paid invoices without drilling down on the item.

You can click the individual amounts to reveal the balance or you can also use the newly added menu item “Show all partial balances” to show all balances at once.


Two treats in one day? First 2FA on Affinity accounts, and now not one, but two solutions to display partial balances in the management view! I am very impressed!

Thank you very much for all the hard work!

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Just tested this and found a little anomaly.

I have an invoice for £3. I log a part payment of £1 and the balance of £2 shows correctly
I then raise a £1 credit note and the balance of £1 shows correctly.

I then raised a second test invoice for £3 and then credited £2. The balance only shows as £3.

I can see why this would happen but it does make things look inconsistent.

Thanks… I’ve passed this on, we shall have a look and update you shortly.

@FolkLondon which invoice number are you referring to?

I’m seeing a similar thing to @FolkLondon on the purchase side. Looking at the list of outstanding purchase invoices (clicking through from my dashboard), I have one that is partially paid up and shows the dotted underline on the amount to switch between total and outstanding, but I have another where I have applied a credit note to reduce the unpaid balance and on that one there’s no underline - it only shows the original (pre-credit) total. Is it possible for you to treat partially credited purchases the same as partially paid ones?

I’ve logged this for now, we’ll have a look at this shortly (most likely next week or after the new year).