Invoice missed off Import Sales Invoices

Hi, On importing a set of 4 invoices from a csv file, only 3 are showing in the Import Wizard screen. Any idea why one of the lines is not being imported? Thanks

Is it the first one that is missing?

Its the last in the series!

Ah, the complete opposite of what I was going to suggest then!

It being the last would indicate it is possibly some issue with a final character on the last line causing issues, assuming all other fields are the same and there aren’t any special characters or anything that aren’t anywhere else. Open the CSV in Notepad and check the final entry and remove anything that shouldn’t be there, or even remove and re-enter the last entry.

Hi, I have discovered that the page where you map the field for importing invoices only shows the first 3 lines on the import file. When you have mapped and saved it does import all of the invoices so that’s sorted - thanks Lurch for your help.

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It used to say somewhere on the import page that was just a preview of the file, not the entire thing.

It might be helpful if some such warning was re-instated!

Hi @JHB,

It does state that it is just an extract and not the full upload:

I guess if I was the pedantic type (which I am) you could argue that it doesn’t say it is a partial extract? Probably more clear if a word meaning “not the whole thing” was used, like example, sample, partial, some etc…

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I stand humbled and corrected - thank you. Don’t forget that us men really don’t look for things properly and we never read the instructions…


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