Invoice name incorrectly updated on invoice modification & save

The invoice name creation feature (which is very useful) needs an extra check to operate correctly.

After a name is automatically generated after first creation and save of an invoice, if an invoice is then renamed manually, when the invoice is then further modified, the invoice name is re-written using the automatic rule.

Ideally, the system would add a check to see if the current name is different to the automatic name, or not a null string, and only automatically create if the name is null - which would avoid it over-writing a manually created name.
Particularly annoying when working with invoices (either sales or purchase) where lines are being added while the invoice is in draft.

Do re-classify if this is a feature request - but to me it’s a bug because the system isn’t working as a normal user would expect.

Can you check something for me please…

If you go to Account Settings >> Advanced Features you should see the following control, please ensure this is switched on.

When this option is enabled it will add an extra input to the invoice that will allow you to declare a name, this is the name that appears in the main invoice list.

Having this option on allows you to enter names inline with invoice creation and it should also solve the problem you mention as editing or adding lines should not interfere with the name.

Hi, ‘Name invoices on creation’ is already set to ‘ON’. Screenshot attached of a renamed PO where I’ve already set the name and then it has auto-updated with the first line, despite my renaming.

Ok I was looking at sales invoices, rather than purchase invoices/orders.

I’ve posted a request on our development planner to mirror the same functionality on sales invoices to purchases, this will prevent custom edits from being overridden on purchase invoice re-saves.