Invoice National Account for Work Carried out at Different Locations

I need to be able to invoice a national account for work carried out at various different loactions and Identify this on the invoice other than have to type it into the description of the invoice everytime. Is there a solution to this.

Many Thanks
Dave Manship

Hi @DavidManahsip

The description search only takes the first 35 characters of the first invoice line, so that wouldn’t work in your case.

However, I think this may be a good use case for the project tags. You could create several tags, one each for each location. You can view the tags individually and find out what invoices are associated with it, or you can view all tags associated with invoices from the invoice management screen.

There’s more info on the tags at the page below:

I hope this helps, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need further help

Many thanks for your reply, I may be missing somthing, I created a project tag… “work carried out at Banbury” but this dosnt print out on the invoice which is what I need it to do so that the Head Office know where the work has been done.

Many Thanks
Dave Manship

Ah, sorry. I think I misunderstood your original post.

Unfortunately there wouldn’t be a way of doing that. You would need to type it into the description line if you want it to be shown on a print out too.

If it isn’t being used you could utilise the Purchase Reference field for the location name.