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Invoice new line don't use client default account

The client has a specified account, like ‘product A sales’, when create a new invoice, it has 2 item lines both have this account selected, but when add a new line, the new line account goes to ‘General Sales’.

Hi @sy8111

I have tested this and it appears to work as expected for me - when you’re adding the new line are you chosing an item from the inventory? - this will override the client default

No, when adding new line I don’t choose any item. I don’t use inventory at all. Item is blank. This is same as my default 2 lines.

Hi @sy8111

This is what we’re doing, are you doing anything differently?

OK, so now I know. The bug I mentioned only show up when you create new invoice from homepage sales menu, and fill the client name, then you will see the bug when you add a new line.

Hi @sy8111

Thank you for confirming.I have tested and can see that doing it that way it doesn’t work. I will let the dev team know

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