Invoice not visible in receipt hub, detail

Possible bug, this has been happening for a while, I thought it may be fixed sooner or later but still happeneing. When I drag a pdf invoice in using reseipt dashboard, where the receipt hub - detail is there is usually an image of the invoice for me to view to enter the details but this is blank.

Hi @Joblc

Can I just confirm that you’re referring to the file preview when you enter the amount, supplier, etc.?

What web browser are you using?

Sounds like you have your browser set to open the PDF rather than ‘view in browser’. Could have been an update or change to your browser or PDF viewer software. Either way, you can change this by going to settings in your browser and looking for the file associations/actions and selecting what it does with PDF.

Hi There Mathew, I am on Firefox. I have just tried in Google chrome on pc and hey presto i can see the invoice now. However, when i am working with 2 screens to speed things along, one being the ipad, i also can not see the invoice on the ipad… is there anything i can do abou that also?

Thank you. I think its as i was using Firefox rather than Google Chrome - it works in th latter.

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