Invoice notes template

I’m trying to add a simple 3 liner to the invoice notes template to a booking issue.
The lines are:
The result in the invoice is Room:Date:Time:
I have tried HTML but that only leaves the HTML strings visible.
How should I go about resolving the issue

Hi @gjwguk

If you are adding this to additional notes on the invoice then it should respect when you hit enter to add a new line.

If you are entering it elsewhere then you may need to use <br> to create a new line

I have tested with the “br” in the default invoice notes and it retains the “br”
Leaving out the “br” and repeating the exercise still leaves Room:Date:Time:

Hi @gjwguk

Can you just confirm where exactly you’re adding this? A screenshot may be easiest

Hi @gjwguk

This should work. However, it will only show on future invoices. If you are going back into invoices that have already been created then it won’t update.

Hope this makes sense?

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