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Invoice Number must be Alphanumeric


Has something changed here?

My invoice numbers would be along the lines of Tax Year-Sequential Number. So 18-1179, next new invoice would be 18-1180 etc.

This has been fine for the years I’ve used quickfile and was fine yesterday, but now it won’t let me save or modify an invoice, I just get the error “Invoice numbers must be alphanumeric”


Hi @dmred80

Dashes (amongst other characters) weren’t actually permitted, but the error message has been made clearer lately.

I’ve asked our team to take a look to see if they can relax the rules here to allow more characters. We’ll let you know if anything is changed here.


@dmred80 - Just a quick message to let you know this has been amended to allow hyphens. Would you mind trying again now please?


Works perfectly now, thanks


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