Invoice or estimate for tasters?

Hi guys,

firstly, let me thank the developers for bringing Quickfile to the masses! I don’t know much about accounting, but I do know that the program and forums are a great way to keep on top of one’s accounts. Well done, guys!

Secondly, my question! I have a small fudge making company, and trying to get fudge into shops/holiday homes etc I give out samples. I tend to write out an invoice, but should I be entering information into an estimate? With the invoice I’m finding that I’m not getting paid for what I’ve given out (obviously!) but I don’t know how to clear the invoice if no money is changing hands. Can you help, please?

Many thanks.


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You can just delete the invoice which clear any balances outstanding on it. Why are you writing an invoice? Is it on the assumption that someone will buy some, but then sometimes they don’t? If so, why not just write out an invoice when people actually buy the stuff?

As Lurch says just cancel the invoices.

We send out a lot of complimentary magazines to libraries and advertisers. There are no sales invoices for these so we keep no record in Quickfile.

I suppose if you feel you need to keep track with invoices (and show your potential customers how much the samples would be worth if they weren’t being given away free) then you could create an invoice with two lines, one for the value of the goods and another for the same amount but negative, to make the overall invoice value zero. Or create an invoice for the full amount and immediately credit-note it, leaving zero still to pay.

You would have to save the invoice and then raise a credit note. You cannot raise a zero value invoice.