Invoice paid in full but not showing as paid


I have a client paid in USD, who has two invoices showing as partially paid when they have been paid in full. If I go into the invoice it shows as Partially Paid, but the balance of the invoice is zero. If I try to log a payment it tells me I can’t as the invoice is fully paid. This is affecting invoices 0081 and 0091.

Looking at the client’s account, there is a credit balance on the client’s account of USD 00.01, and an amount outstanding of 00.01, but I can’t pay down the invoices. I also can’t apply payment from credit as it says the invoices have been paid in full.

Any ideas?

Steve Long
Belake Research

The penny going into credit was the issue. We corrected this by re-saving the invoice which then recalculated the totals. We also identified a particular issue there that caused this problem, this was fixed in the code and is pending deployment.

Let me know if you have any further issues.

Looks like it’s all sorted, thanks. Thanks for the quick response.

BTW thanks also for creating an awesome piece of software.

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