Invoice payments with mapped suppliers

Both myself and a supplier are using Quickfile. We have mapping set up and he has set an invoice to paid. However, over two weeks later it hasn’t updated on my system. He tells me that it is showing as paid on his side. How can this be? I would have thought mapping meant whatever I did on my side would show on his and vice versa.

Mapping should be almost instant. It’s probably best if I can get some more acocunt info from you to explore further. I will send you a PM.

I don’t think I read your original post thoroughly last week, I was a bit under pressure!

If your supplier is mapped to your account it will only produce the invoices whenever your supplier raises one for you. It will not apply any payments on your account, even if your supplier has updated the invoice as paid on their side. This is mainly because we can’t know how you paid the invoice, I.e. which bank account and exactly when, so to remain on the safe side we leave the payment tagging to you.

Hope that explains things, apologies for missing this originally.

Thanks, I did think I should update as paid but as he said he’d done it I thought I should wait for it to update. Thanks for all your help.

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