Invoice Reminder Scheduling


I have 3 reminders set up 1,2,3 days overdue. This month only the one of second day was sent. Others were not.
Please advise. Account

Which invoice numbers were you expecting reminders to be sent for?

Thank you.


Many thanks… I believe what is happening here is the reminders are getting generated when greater than x days overdue rather than equal to. Would you mind holding on until tomorrow to see what happens? We do need to clarify this a bit better as you’re not the first to approach us with this query.

Thanks. No problem, I can wait however, according to my settings, there should be only reminder for invoice 382 generated 13,14,15 September. I created it as a test.

You have auto-send switched on for reminders. You may want to switch this off for now.

You can find this setting in Account Settings >> Credit Control settings.

Hey, one remark. It cannot be the issue of greater than, because in this case it would have sent yesterday the FIRST reminder, and today it would have sent SECOND reminder. Whereas it did not sent FIRST reminder, but it sent SECOND reminder when it was supposed to.

What I am seeing here is you have the final reminder set to 3 days past due date, on the 4th day the final reminders are being sent. Remember these reminders are triggered in reference to the due date not the date of issue.

Just to use invoice #000381 as an example: due date = 8/9/2012, final reminder was sent on the 4th day overdue 12th (today).

Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way.
My final reminder was changed to “4th” day yesterday.
So, if it sent the reminder for 381, it sent it precisely on “4th day”,
and it did not send first reminder or the final reminder on the 3rd day, as the previous settings was. 2/3 reminders were not sent.

Sorry, I see this:

And the final reminder was sent yesterday. I will set up some internal tests and report back in a few days if I see any problems.

Oh, I see what you have done here, you have changed the schedule in the global settings. This won’t modify the schedules for any existing invoices it will only affect new invoices raised. To modify the schedule at an invoice level you need to amend on the invoice list by clicking the hour glass icon.

Glenn the final reminder was never sent.
Only SECOND reminder was sent.
Also. the invoice 382 should have generate 1st reminder today, and the reminder was not sent. The global settings was not changed after the invoice generation. So in short, the reminders really do not work now.
Another thing. I cannot see any recent events in the backoffice. I also cannot see the history of the invoice 371. Is this because of your tests/analysis now or it is also a problem? Thanks.

As I previously explained currently the system is triggering reminders when it’s greater than 1 day overdue (in your case). So as invoice #382 isn’t greater than 1 day overdue it hasn’t triggered.

Glann, are you saying that my system is working well? Because it is not.
FIRST reminder for all invoices quoted above were never sent. SECOND reminder was send ON THE SECOND DAY (10th) (See here: ), not “greater than 2 days” what would be on the first day.

And where is the RECENT EVENT log?

I’m merely making observations from what I have discovered on your account. The first stage of dealing with any problem is reproducing the error, If I can’t reproduce I can’t resolve…simple as that!

The first reminder may not have sent as perhaps you had the credit control feature switched off at this point, maybe there was no email associated with a client. There are many variables that I’d need to look at here, these are complex scenarios that need time to unravel. If we were seeing an overwhelming number of users reporting the same issue then this would set alarm bells ringing, but right now this is the first I have heard of reminders not getting sent.

I will however run tests and report back. If there are problems, we will fix them but right now I can’t reproduce any.

Look on the invoice preview screen at the bottom, there is an event log for each invoice which will highlight when reminders were dispatched.

No, there is no log on the invoice:

With invoice #371 there are some Polish characters in the event log…This is preventing it from being displayed. We don’t fully support diacritic characters yet. I can see the log on the database and will try to manually remove those characters so it can be viewed.

Thanks. Actually if you can just copy past it here, it is enough. I have one client arguing about that.

I was about to PM it to you but our engineer fixed the issue so you can now view these events in your account.

OK I’ve now had a chance to fully test the reminder scheduling over a few days. I have found a problem when the reminders are set to automatically send. It would appear that the first reminder fails to trigger.

Switching off Auto-Send will resolve the problem for now. We will be looking at patching this today.