Invoice sent in body of email

It would be really good to have a function that sends the invoice in the body of an email (both HTML and plain-text available for each client).

The attached PDFs don’t quite look as good as the web-based invoices and it’s quite handy to see all invoice details without having to open files.

The default email template does include all of the pertinent information in the email body.

You can already customise emails to make the email look however you want, so this functionality is already there.

The trouble with that is there is no ability then for QF to record that your customer has seen the invoice. Also it would make it harder for your customer to generate a pdf invoice if they want.

The current system of providing a web link for your customer to see their invoice in HTML is probably the best solution in my opinion.

To add to u4h37u’s point, the reason that we chose Quickfile was because we could see if people had looked at their invoices. Previously we had had serious problems with spam filters blocking attached invoices.