Invoice shows bank details on the pdf but not the customers and password issue screen?


This has always been a bug bear of mine, the fact the on screen invoice doesn’t represent what’s on the pdf download. So for instance I’ve put the bank details in the footer area of the invoice design, but it doesn’t show up on the screen. Any idea how I can change it?

I’ve just had a client email to say they can’t see the bank info, further compounded by being unable to open the download as they needed a password. (which was my fault, ticked the wrong box…doh)

How do I switch that off in the clients information section?



Hi @Phil_Broom,

Where have you added these? In the Invoice template editor or in the invoice itself?

If you go into your client settings there should be an option near the bottom:

If it is ticked then they will be required to enter a password.

Hope this helps

Interesting, the text in the “footer region” displays both online and on the PDF for me.

Did you verify the problem by “impersonating” the client? Customers can do some pretty dumb things, including simply failing to scroll down if something is below the bottom of their screen.

Thanks for pointing out the password thing is actually the enforce login tick box.

I think I’ve sorted the bank details element by taking the bank info out of the footer table on the invoice customisation section. I’m sure I tried this a while back and found I had two lots of bank details appearing at the base of the invoice. I’ll get to you if it happens again.

I’ve got another question about changing the style of the invoice while mid invoice. (If you want me to post this separately let me know.)

If not… I have several different invoice styles all under one Ltd company. The problem I have is some clients I use several different invoice styles and often forget to change it until I’ve entered loads of information which I then have to re-enter when I correct the invoice style. Is there a way to swap it mid entry?

Many thanks


Just checked mine. Like you, the onscreen version has no bank details, the downloaded pdf does have them. I checked the design, and the banking details were in the “Fixed PDF Footer Text” area rather than the “Appended Text” section.
Now I did recall a reason for doing it this way, so I experimented changing it around. I soon realised why! In the PDF Footer, one can use some HTML so the details are all kept nicely together at the foot of the page and centralised. In the Appended Text area, the HTML is stripped out and everything is left justified and can result in the last line being printed onto a separate page.
I decided I’d rather put up with the details only being on the PDF than have orphan text on a separate page.


Great, I think I’ll just keep tinkering with it. Thanks for getting back.

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