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Invoice style is not changing as per our company template


I am not able to make any changes for invoice style through our company template. It is only able to change if I make changes in Standard template.

Why is it so? Is it mandatory to make changes in standard template to do changes in invoice style. If yes, then what is the use of company template?

Please advice…

Hi @Nquery,

Sorry to hear you are having problems. Please could you take some screenshots (please make sure to remove any sensitive information) to show where it is you aren’t able to make the changes?

Hi, I can explain you by this example. Actually, I want to remove “mydomain.quickfile.payonline” option from the middle of the any PDF invoice copy. But I am not able to remove that option from company’s template, but when I do changes in standard template, it takes into effect and now that online payment option is not showing on the invoice.
Please explain why these changes are not able to do through company’s template?

If you go to *Sales >> Invoice Customisation, and select the middle box, you can hide this link there:

I’m not sure I follow with this I’m afraid. Do you mean you’re making changes but not seeing them? If so, what sort of changes do you mean?

I know that I can hide that link from Invoice customization but If you see in image, we have two templates one is Standard and another is for our Company.

If I hide that link by using our company’s template then it will not work out.

So, I want to know that what is the use of having two templates, if changes will effect from standard template and not from the company’s template.

Hi @Nquery

Each template can be used for a trading style, but each client can only be associated with one trading style.

For example, if you have one company that trades under 2 names, you would set up a trading style for each, and each of those would have their own template.

There’s more information on trading styles, here: Custom Trading Styles


But I am having only one company and it trades only under one name, then changes in that company template must reflect on the invoice. But it is not like that.

If I make changes in standard template then only it takes into effect.

Can I just double check what boxes you’ve editing on the invoice please, and where you’re expecting to see the updated template?

If you have one name and one trading style why have you set up a second trading style?

I can’t work out what you’re expecting to happen here. Sounds like it’s all working as it should, just because the default trading style doesn’t have a name doesn’t mean it does nothing. I think you need to remove the trading style and just use the default one to save yourself the confusion.

It means I have to use standard template instead of our company template, right?

Yes, the standard template is the company template when you don’t have multiple styles.

I have deleted company template and keep only standard template.

Thank you.

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