Invoice styles and customization

I am trying to modify the invoice to add my custom trading style.
I have read this:
But cannot find any gallery or different styles to use.

Also, as I need to use different trading names, I would like to be able to change the “company name” on the top left options, but I can only, disable the whole area or enable it.


I found the gallery.
I must say that It is hidden as when I am editing an invoice, I am thinking about data, not design.

Design should be on the “invoice styles” page.

My question: how can I set up a default template for all my invoices?
Can I select a different one for each trading name?


It is easily overlooked, although the reason it’s situated here is to put the CSS editor inline with the invoice allowing you to view live changes to any document you’re previewing. Having it here allows you to more effectively apply different styles and see the output immediately without jumping between screens and refreshing.

This feature also came much later… perhaps we will eventually merge this into one area (which does make more sense) it’s just a hefty job and it’s one of those areas you don’t need to go into too often so it’s hard to prioritise it over other feature requests right now.

Maybe just duplicate it on both pages?
Or maybe add an image to the guide of styling so we can use the docs to find it.

Im having the same problem as i want to move the logo from one side to the other and it wont let me at all i dont see anywhere that can help i need this done asap

Hi @Peter_Watson

When you say “it won’t let me”, what issues are you experiencing? What are you trying/tried?

Hi expertoswp - I still can’t find the invoice gallery… It used to be on the dashboard. Please can you help?

Hi @Connie_Taylor

The invoice gallery button is on the invoice preview page in the top left hand corner. However, it’s never been on the dashboard itself.

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i click on the dashboard
then click account settings
go down to invoice custiomasion

then im lost as nothing else on screen that will allow me to change the layout of the invoice all i want to do is insert my logo on the right and have the details that are there moved over to the left

as my logo is big and it cover the info there

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@Peter_Watson - the invoice gallery option is on the invoice preview rather than invoice customisation. When you preview an invoice, the option will appear in the top left hand corner in agreement box. Please see my screenshot above.

If you need any help with the editor, then please don’t hesitate to ask

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this still wont let me desighn the invoice as always making my logo covered with words etc i just want my logo in top right and then all stuff under neath it

I’ve just sent you a private message to see if we can help further. You should see a green notification in the top right hand corner.