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Invoice template changes - remove unit cost and quantity

I’m new to quick file and trying to make change to the invoice template. How do I delete the quantity, unit cost and amount paid on the template as I do not need these showing on my invoices

Hi @GibbsBuildingService

This is certainly possible with some custom CSS.

This thread may help with the quantity and unit cost columns: Invoice layout options - hide quantity and unit cost - #6 by QFMathew

With the amount paid, do you mean just the amount paid line in the total box?

I do not want the wording - unit cost and quantity showing on the invoice. I only want description, Sub Total, VAT and Balance Due. Not sure if this is possible

That certainly is possible :slight_smile:

Following the guide in post I linked to above will remove the Unit and quantity options on the invoice.

For the footer, you can add the below to it, which will remove the Amount Paid from the totals box.

.footer-amount-paid {
     display: none;

The unit cost and quantity columns will still be present when you’re editing an invoice but with the CSS tweaks Matthew links to the columns will not show on the invoice as it appears to the customer.

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