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How do I put a comment on my invoice template that will appear on all invoices, and I have 3 items on the invoice that are repetative also. ie items/descriptions 1, 2, and 3

Hi @equipservicesltd67

I think the best place for something like this would be the “Additional Notes” area on an invoice.

If you go to Sales >> Invoice Customisation, you can click the notes area and enter some default text there. This will apply to new invoices, but can be overridden if needed.

In regards to the repetitive items, using the Sales Inventory feature could help with this. In this case, you define some items to be used as templates. You would just enter the item name, and we’ll import your saved description and price for you.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Matthew the repetitive items on the sales items, I just need the items, description and vat amounts to be set the rates are variable ie quantities/uinit costs and delivery charges and add item 3 out of hours/weekend delivery charge




Hi @equipservicesltd67

Inventory items would be the way to go for this. You can set up the description and unit cost against an item name, and simply add them for a new invoice.

There is one catch however, and that is you need at least 2 characters, so 1 or 2 on it’s own wouldn’t work.

There’s more information on this, here: Setting up reusable inventory items

If you have a power user subscription you could use this script to create a copy of an invoice from a link on the dashboard;

In global customisations add;

$(document).ready(function() {
if (location.hash.slice(1,5) == 'copy') {
    Modal.confirm("Are you sure you want to make a copy of this invoice?", function() {
        var n = location.hash.slice(-8), t = "invoiceID=" + n; 
        loadingOverlayVisibility("Working on it..", !0);
        type: "GET",
        url: "/handlers/invoice/duplicateInvoice",
	async: !0,
        dataType: "json",
        data: t,
        success: function(n) {
            n.jval.success === "true" ? location.assign("/sales/create?invoiceID=" + n.jval.newInvoiceID) : (loadingOverlayVisibility(" ", !1), Modal.alert("Ooops!! Something just broke. Here is the error: " + n.jval.errorMsg));
        error: function() {
            loadingOverlayVisibility(" ", !1);
            Modal.alert("We have been unable to duplicate this document, please retry later.");

And then on the dashboard add a link (where xxxxxxxx is the QF invoice ref (the one you see when you hover over the link to the invoice in your list of sales));

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