Invoice templates for specific clients

We use the quickfile system to create quotations/confirmations and invoices. We have created 2 different formats for to best represent each type. Our problem is that in the client control panel, when the client views the invoice or the quotation/confirmation they can only view it in format (the last format i used to send them the invoice or the quotation/confirmation). Is there anyway the system can be configured so they view the file using the same format it was sent in?


Hi Harry,

At the moment you can only select one template overall. I’m not sure if it’s planned, but I’m not sure if there’s already a topic on this. If I find it, I’ll merge yours with it to keep track of it, otherwise others are welcome to add their vote here.

The template you select in the invoice gallery gets assigned globally to all invoices/estimates.

Take a look at our new Custom Trading Styles tool. This is currently in beta mode but will allow you to assign different invoice templates to different clients.

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