Invoice Themes Not Available

I can not see to find a way to edit my logo in my invoice theme when i look on themes i only have 2 styles avaiable but with no editing options. also on my invoice preview i have no green button saying invoice style gallery?

I had a quick glance at your account and it looks like you’re on an old template. You’d need to switch to the standard template first. You can do this in the Sales menu >> Invoice customisation.

You can then from within the same screen, modify the logo.

You can also then go into any sales invoice preview screen and access the invoice gallery and CSS editor.

More info on the invoice designer can be found here.

Hi Glen, I’ve just tried this but it doesn’t come up with ‘click here to switch?’ any help? Do you need the account i’m using?

Do you get the green box at all on invoice previews?

May be worth posting a screenshot of an invoice (by all means, blank out the address etc of your client), just so we can see what’s going on.

When on an invoice I get the green box saying Invoice Style Gallery, but I can’t edit it any further than that and I have some overlaps on the invoice.

Did you try clicking the orange button at the top of the active invoice style?

Let me know if you’re still stuck, feel free to PM me the account in question, I can quickly fix any overlaps.