Invoice upload, match using account number

When uploading a bunch of invoices QF matches when the client name is exactly the same, but this can create problems when slight differences causing more clients to be created.

Is it possible to have the account number included in the upload and have QF match against this, as this would make things a lot easier.


Hi @Larrybulmer

It’s not possible at the moment unfortunately.

The issue we would have with an account reference would be that the numbers aren’t forced to be unique, so you could end up with more than 1 client using the same account reference.

We have quite a lot on at the moment, but we’ve logged it to be looked at as it does make sense. I can’t say for certain how long it will be before we can take a closer look, but we’ll update this thread with more info in due course.

I don’t need this but I think it’s a good idea and I can see potential future use for us and others.

There is a unique client reference in quickfile which is different from the user definable account number. You can see the reference in the URL when looking at the client record, E.g.:

We have to use this when manipulating the client in the API. I’ve often wondered if this ID should be more visible in the user interface but hasn’t been a problem for us.


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