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Invoice Variable - Display Bug

I’ve noticed that when invoices with a variable included (such as ||MONTH|) are displayed incorrectly in the client portal list.

For example when a client logs into the client portal and clicks ‘Paid Invoices’ they see 'Bill for ||MONTH|) instead of ‘Bill for May’

The invoices display correctly when they are subsequently selected so this only appears to affect the overview page.

Hi @Oliver_Nash

We’ll certainly take a look at this.

Do you have a screenshot of this issue please?

Hi @QFMathew

I’ve just pinged this over in a PM.

Many thanks,


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Hi @Oliver_Nash

Apologies for the delay, but just to confirm that this was resolved on our side a few weeks back. If you encounter the issue again however, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

Hi @QFMathew,

I’ve just checked this and it looks like we’re still having the same issue. In-fact, it looks like it’s worse than before as it isn’t displaying properly when the actual invoice is selected either now.

If there’s anything you need from me just let me know.

Kind regards,


Is it the same invoices, or are these newly generated ones?

I’ve noticed it on one that was generated 01/08/2020. Was this issue not resolved for older invoices?

Hi @Oliver_Nash

I’ve just checked with our development team. Because of the way the invoices are generated, it will only affect new recurring profiles.

Adjusting the recurring profile should resolve this, and we’re happy to help in a PM if you wish.

Do you have many recurring templates with this issue?

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