Invoice web view vs Invoice PDF view

I’ve managed to create a custom invoice template and all looks good until you go to ‘print’ and view as a pdf - it all looks wrong then. Any ideas why? Also, I can only view the ‘print’ pdf version in firefox and not in IE10 - any ideas why?

The PDF convertor unfortunately only recognises very basic CSS. Any more recent CSS conventions may not render correctly. Unfortunately there’s not to much we can do about this as there aren’t any PDF convertors on the market that faithfully reproduce what you can achieve on a modern browser like IE 10.

If you post a screenshot of the problem here we may be able to suggest a work-around based on our experience.

When I click on ‘print’ in IE10 it opens up a new tab and stays blank. In firefox this works.

This is the view on the website;

This is the pdf version;

Try now… I added the following line:

thanks for your help.

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