Invoice with itemised VAT

Can each item on the invoice or estimate have invidual vat shown next to them>?

Hi apologies not quite understanding the question - for every line you enter on the invoice the VAT amount will be shown next to it.

Apologies I have no idea on this one as my screen is completely different and I have a breakdown per line.

@donnacbk i get that screen when i go to create the estimate or invoice, but i do not get the coloum vat amount either on creating or made ones

maybe this should be bug then?

Apologies it may be a setting but other wise unable to help - have you tried the invoice customise settings just in case?

in invoice customisation do you have the tick box in β€œShow itemised VAT”? You will need to click in the middle section (itemised area) to see this.


Yeah might be that goign to check never thought to change them after adding vat yesterday

That fixed it thank @donnacbk

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No problem, good to hear resolved. Happy New Year to you.

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